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Hello all local Entrepreneurs, Enterprisers, Promotors and Buisness owners!

HoverCraft has a space for you!

HoverCraft's goal this holiday season is to promote all things local, whether you're a new little Etsy store or a brick and mortar shop that has been here for years.  We want to give area businesses a chance to connect with area people.
We invite you to bring any reasonably sized marketing materials (business cards, hand bills, small fliers, etc.) to display at HoverCraft's local table.  The only requirement is that the business has to be a Milwaukee business. 

If you want to get your marketing materials to us early, send us a message and we will give you an address.

If you would like to stop by that day, you can bring your materials to HoverCraft during set-up times, from 10-12 or drop off the materials as you walk past when you come to shop.  The table will be next to the front door.

If you are a business looking to do more than drop off materials, YOU ARE IN LUCK!  We are still looking for SPONSORS! 

Shoot us an email at hovercraftmke@gmail.com with any questions!  

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