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Meet Your Maker: Michelle from PaperMichelle


Hola!  I'm Michelle.  

I started PaperMichelle because I have a serious addiction to puns and one-liners.  It is a fun and necessary escape from the real-life, grown-up version of me: a middle school science teacher.  (13 year olds all. day. long. Understand?)  The cards let me laugh and keep me quite sane.  I am also an obsessive runner and a pretty serious consumer of beer; coincidentally, those two things also keep me sane.  I'll be running the Boston Marathon in the spring, so I spend a lot of time training alone with my thoughts and a runner's high - the perfect combination for coming up with silly cards and potentially creative ideas.  I decided to do Hover Craft because I loved it las year.  I really value the hometown, gritty feel of Hover Craft because that is representative of Milwaukee - the most badass town of 'em all.  I love this city and all the wonderfully talented people that make MKE so great.

Favorite Fungi - new love card intended for your favorite boy-toy

 Holiday Cheers - Christmas card for Wisconsin types

 Seasoned Greetings - Christmas card meant to spice up your holiday mail

A work in progress - cut paper art piece depicting nesting birds

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