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Meet Your Maker: Tina Schinabeck of Ampersat Gallery Canvas & Kitsch

Tina Shinabeck crafts in the evenings, while her days are spent working (and thinking about crafting) at the Milwaukee Art Museum as the collections manager of works on paper.  The past two Hover Crafts, Shinabeck has had a lot of fun helping out a friend in her booth, but this year her friend encouraged her to make something for it.  She is always working on some project, but right now she is obsessed with spray paint.  For Hover Craft, she is creating a collection of painted plates.  

[The photograph above is an image of painted plates in groupings of 3, 5 and 7 to be bought and displayed in smatterings on the wall.  The images below are individual plates for a series at Hover Craft.]

 Above:  She thrifted for her materials.  This bounty was from one highly successful day trip to neighborhood goodwill stores.  Below:   Something new for Hover Craft--painted duck decoys.  "A little bit of bill and little bit of tail."

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