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Meet Your Maker: Vonn of Vision Gear

Ever wonder what happens when inspiration and compulsive creativity meet? New and up cycled materials go through a metamorphosis from raw items into a variety of designs. "Friends often donate vintage finds, broken jewelry and other stuff just to see what it becomes after entering my studio," explains Vision Gear's designer Vonn. "I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by some pretty amazing makers and artists from an early age. With no limits placed on what could be the designs and projects change but each is important as an item crafted to be adored by the recipient and many are custom creations."

 Inspired by music filled rooms, good books, thematic movies and most things shiny builds a healthy appreciation for the unique. Last year after attending Hover Craft his most memorable thing was the excitement that hummed throughout the show and variety of artists displaying their work. Based in Milwaukee this local artist and Etsy seller offers clothing and jewelry, for both men and women, crafts, artwork, and even some items for kids.

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