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Vendor Spotlight: Brittany Kieler of Vulture Woman Press

Vulture Woman Press is the project that houses both my fine art practice and my experimentation in craft. The two inform each other, and I'll have a little bit of each at our booth. These are images that will be in print and object form at Hovercraft, sold as wall art, t-shirts, greeting cards, and sketchbooks. 

My work
explores the natural and cultural systems that govern our bodies, our actions, and our relationships
Some of the newer images (like the little dog) will deviate from that a bit.
I hand-pull woodcuts, lithographs, etchings, and serigraphs
for this work

Through printmaking,
I’ve learned to be creative within the structure of a very old process, one with
a lineage
 of great artists, and one that can sometimes dictate the outcome. I think for most of us
, the value is not in the ease of
n object
. It's in
committing to a process,
 in honoring inter-generational history, and in b
eing the hand that
 an object from start to finish.

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