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Our application period is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who applied!  We are so excited to have received more applications than ever before.  We will announce our 2015 vendor line up on September 14th.  


Due to the amount of applications we will not be notifying applicants who were not accepted. 



Now in our 6th season, the main goal of Hover Craft is still to offer an opportunity for Milwaukee-based artists, crafters, makers and performers to connect with their own community through showcasing and selling to their admirers directly.

[Click here to see photos from our last event!]

Vendors range from seasoned artisans to amateur crafters and because of the amount of interest and the limited space, this is a juried event.  We carefully choose participants not based on experience, but based on originality, execution and creativity.  We are very interested in sourcing creatives from all backgrounds, whether from an established business or hobby crafters.  Hover Craft wants to encourage creative people to create.  We want to continuously strive to mine the depths of our community to foster a rotation of many individuals and continue to keep this event fresh for our attendants.

Basic information:

Date:  Sunday, December 13th, 2015
Time: 12 - 6 PM
LOCATION:  We are very excited to announce this event will be located at the Pritzlaff Building, 333 N. Plankinton Ave in the heart of Milwaukee.
Vendor Fee:  $75

How to apply:

Please send the following to hovercraftmke@gmail.com

Your name
Your business name
Your email address
Your phone number

Please send us one link to a URL that will show us images of work representative of the work you would like to sell at Hover Craft.

Don't have a link?  Send us 3 - 5 images (please, make them formatted for the web so they are easy to open)

Don't have photos?  Send us a description of what you've always wanted to make.

All Applications need to be received by September 4th at Midnight.

How do we pick who gets to vend at Hover Craft? 

We tally.  How many jewelers do we have?  How many people selling home goods?  We try our best to have a balanced list, which makes the show interesting but it also ensures that if you fall into a popular category you won't be competing against 30 people selling in your category.  It will be much less than that.  If you make something that falls into a popular category it is much harder to get in.  If you make something that falls into a less popular category, it is much easier to get in.

Then, all the organizers vote on it.  We do a blind vote where we only look at the images or ideas.

We expect to receive more applications than we can accommodate.  If you are accepted, you will be notified by email on September 14th and your name and business will be listed that same day on Hover Craft's blog.  We do not notify applicants who are not accepted.

We love it when people come up with new ideas.  If you sent us photos of your work and were accepted to vend last year -- try to take new photos of what's new in your line this year.  It helps a lot.

We encourage everyone to apply.  Makers located outside the city of Milwaukee are not eligible.

Before you ask why I will tell you:  It would be amazing to have the space to accommodate makers outside of the city of Milwaukee, but because our focus is to create a buy local fair it makes sense that our vendors are also local.  The organizers know there are a ton of amazing shows that do not have this limitation.  We apologize in advance for anyone who is upset by this.

That's it!  Thank you for taking the time to read our in-depth call for vendors.  We are so excited to catch up with everyone and see what you've been making!

The ladies of Hover Craft - Ashley, Cortney + Vanessa

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